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Be Internet Awesome is a nation wide program held by Google that pursues the teaching of the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety to kids so they can explore the online world with confidence. This year, we helped to conceptualize and build Be Internet Awesome kits, sent to various schools across the country.

We created a unique unboxing experience, making sure each layer was more delightful than the last. 800 kits were produced and shipped all across the United States, and kids, parents and teachers loved it! It consists of personalized PixelBooks, Internaut-shaped USB drives, posters and banners, Parent and Teacher guides as well as a trophy to recognize the school after the program has been completed.


Art director: Quentin Vernet
Creative director: Daniela Varela
2D designers: Ming-Hsuan Lee, Quentin Vernet
3D artist: Philippe Thery, Flavio Montiel
Project manager: Gianna Summa

Agency: Orchid Creation
Client: Google